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Mobile Solutions

Together with our partner JourneyApps, we offer mobile solutions customised for your business process. Each solution captures all data necessary to effectively measure your unique business’ key focus areas.


Using JourneyApps's technological platform, we provide seamless integration between existing specialised technological domains in order to facilitate data flow within your business.

Results orientated

We craft solutions that are inspired and driven by the specific output your business requires. We aim to distill surrounding complexity in order to provide you with comprehensive, to-the-point results.


Projects hillcon


An app that enables real-time workforce visibility, remote management of sites, on-site material & plant management and health & safety compliance for the civil engineering company, Hillcon.

Projects habitat


An app to manage stock, sales and deliveries for the mature tree nursery Habitat.

Projects s4d

Space 4 Development

An app to monitor and guide field workers in the Early Childhood Development sector that allows for real-time and reliable reporting.

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